We are involved specialists. How can we help you?

We are involved specialists. How can we help you?

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Property Law

Buying and Selling

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FDJ attorneys is a specialized office in the area of civil property and procedural law and
property-related environmental law. We have a lot of experience and are driven, involved and goal-oriented.


Martijn Fleers

Lawyer, partner - As a lawyer, Martijn Fleers is specialised in Administrative Law with an emphasis on spatial planning law. He advises and regularly conducts legal proceeding regarding spatial developments and redevelopments.

Tom van Dijk

Lawyer, partner - Tom van Dijk is specialised in providing advice and conducting proceedings in the field of civil real estate law. His emphasis lies on area development, building projects and buying and renting real estate.

Eelco de Jongh

Lawyer, partner - Eelco de Jongh has been practising law for over 20 years and has a civil law proceedings practice. He is experienced in landlord-tenant law (commercial and office space), property law and contract law.

Margot de Buck

Lawyer - Margot de Buck is a civil and administrative lawyer and litigator. Margot’s practice includes advising and litigating for various parties within the areas of planning, zoning and environmental law, administrative enforcement and real estate law.
Esther FDJ (2)

Esther Grootscholten

Lawyer – Esther is a lawyer since 2017 and her practice includes civil real estate law.

Jan Beelen

Lawyer / Attorney at law – Jan finished his master of Laws (LLM) at Leiden Law School (part of Leiden University) with results above average. Jan has studied as part of his study ‘rechtsgeleerdheid’ at the universities of Lyon, Granada and Glasgow. He has been a city councillor in the municipality Zandvoort.